The New GP contract - Investing in Primary care
goes live in April 2004 and in the next few months practices need to agree contracts with their local PCT - this is an opportunity to define the care and services you wish to offer in your practice

Some key principles underpin the contract:

  • GP time is a finite resource
  • No new work should be accepted without new resources
  • Control of working life is a priority
  • Recognition of the value and cost of providing high quality care

The benefits for patients of investing in primary care include improved choice, access and quality of service

Overview of the
New GP contract
( slide presentation)

Successful implementation of the new contract will require practices to:

Meet the contractual and statutory obligations

Ensure optimal use of Quality and Outcomes framework

Undertake additional services

Bid for National Enhanced services ( download sample applications)

Manage changes such as Out of Hours services

Monitor income streams and compare with previous performance

Bid for infrastructure requirements such as Premises and IT


Significant extra investment into Primary care is promised to support these changes




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There are a lot of supporting documents to read. Remember your local LMC can guide you in how to approach and prioritise the hundreds of pages involved™

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